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Have Deer on Your Land Year-Round

Freeze Tolerant. No Fillers. Whitetail Preferred.

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100% Oats


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Don’t Lose Deer To Your Neighbors

Dedicated deer hunters and land managers are constantly bombarded with “game changer” food plot products. Unfortunately, most food plot seeds on the market contain useless fillers and have inferior genetics, so they don’t germinate, can’t survive harsh winters, and don’t attract deer as advertised. This means deer will go elsewhere for forage and your hunting prospects are diminished. 

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Be Confident You’re Using the Best Oats

For avid deer hunters, there is a lot riding on successful food plots. After spending significant amounts of time and money throughout the offseason to provide the best whitetail habitat possible, successful hunts often come down to who has the best food source in the area. You must attract deer to your property and keep them there. It’s that simple. Leave nothing to chance. Plant Buck Forage Oats; the premier food plot seed on the market.

Decades Of Research In Each Bag


100% Free of Fillers

Great Source of Digestible Energy

Able to Survive Hard Freezes

Industry Best Pest & Disease Resistance

Highest Germination Rates

Resistant To Over-Grazing

With Buck Forage Oats, you can feel completely confident that you have done everything possible to have the deer on your land rather than your neighbors when it matters most. No other product has had a whitetail-specific breeding program in place for decades, and the difference is in every bag.

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Trusted by Professional Hunters for Over 30 Years

As land managers and life-long hunters, we understand how frustrating it is to waste time and money on food plot seeds that don’t deliver, so we have spent decades developing and perfecting an oat that does without fail.


A Different Kind of Oat

- Led by a team with decades of experience in the seed business
- Industry-leading genetic research
- Known for always having consistent quality
- Our 30 years of research and development have consistently produced the most highly preferred and nutritious food plot seed on the market.
- Convenient ordering on Amazon
- Dr. Deer approved
- Proven to withstand hard freezes!
- They germinate rapidly and are much slower to put on the thick, stemmy growth deer don’t like.

Customer Reviews

Dad and I have used them for years. Have planted them in Spalding and Macon county. The deer preferred buck forage oats over everything else we planted. I actually did all 3 of my science fair projects in high school comparing buck forage oats to several different brands of oats, wheat, rye etc. We planted them side by side and buck forage oats always dominated in comparison to the the other brands.

For three years in a row I divided several plots and planted Coker, run of the mills feed oats, and buck forage side by side. All these plots had soil samples pulled, and limed and fertilized accordingly. Year after year the deer prefered the buck forage over the other two. Yes they did eat the other two, but it seemed like they just browsed thru it and once they hit the buck forage they stopped and ate. By the ends of the season the buck forage was eaten down to a couple inches tall while the others were 10". Since then I have planted nothing but the buck forage.

Buck Forage oats is all I ever plant. Tried mixes for years but have had more deer since going to the BF.

It’s Easy To Attract Deer To Your Property And Keep Them There

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You can easily order today, and they’ll be shipped straight to your door.

2. Plant the Oats

Follow the simple planting instructions and sit back and enjoy industry-best germination and growth rates.

3. Get Ready to Hunt

Get excited about keeping more deer on your land and more successful hunts as a result.

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