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Buck Forage Chicory is the variety that has been identified by Dr. James Kroll, aka “Dr. Deer” as preferred by the white-tailed deer.  It has many traits that make it an excellent choice to consider in food plots managed for whitetails.  Chicory is a perennial (up to 5 seasons) herbaceous plant from the daisy family that is packed with protein (up to 30%), as well as other essential nutrients critical to healthy wildlife.  It is both highly palatable and easily digestible for deer.  Perhaps chicory’s most unique trait is its unusually long tap root, which allows it to reach deep for soil moisture during particularly dry periods. This is especially the case in sandier soils or in drier regions, making it the ideal choice for drought tolerance.

We recommend taking full advantage of chicory as a durable, cold hardy companion to either clover or Buck Forage Oats.  It is an excellent choice for frost seeding and is great for warm and cool season plots.

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How many acres does it serve?

Varies 1/2 alone to 1 acre when combination planted with Buck Forage Oats and Buck Forage Clover.

How to plant

Broadcast, Roll, Drag

When to Sow

South – Fall, North – Fall or Spring

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