Buck Forage Clover



Buck Forage Clover is an improved variety of Ladino white clover, which is a trusted perennial legume for the experienced land manager. It is a perfect choice as a spring/summer complement to Buck Forage Oats and Buck Forage Chicory in your food plot program. It can be easily established by frost seeding, broadcast or drilling. Its creeping growth habit and adventitious root formation make it ideal for filling in voids in your plantings while also providing strong resistance to grazing pressure. Deer only eat the leaves and flowers, so the plant experiences little injury and quick regrowth. It is extremely high in both crude protein and overall digestible energy, making it an ideal source of nutrition for your deer herd after a tough winter season.

Ideal for Frost Seeding!

Excellent source of protein
Easy establishment
Fast growing
High yielding (~3,000 lbs/acre – dry matter)



Seeding rate is 2-4 lbs/acre
Planting depth is 1/4″

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How many acres does it serve?

Varies 1/2 alone to 1 acre when combination planted with Buck Forage Oats and Buck Forage Chicory.

How to plant

Broadcast, Roll, Drag

When to Sow

South – Fall, North – Fall or Spring

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